July 31, 2020 | Homeownership

As COVID-19 has kept us home-bound for most of 2020, now that the warm sun is beaming down upon the city, and with our warmer months being limited- it’s only natural that Torontonians are in-need of enjoying some long-awaited summertime weather.

While it may be a tad more difficult to navigate throughout city streets due to the influx of people on the sidewalks, you can always seek solace within Toronto’s vibrant park scene.

Here are two of the best Toronto Parks for those who are looking to soak up the sun while exploring the natural landscapes that the city has to offer:

Rosedale Ravine Trail
Right in the heart of Toronto exists a lush trail lining a creek known as The Rosedale Ravine Trail. While not technically a park, this trail is a spectacular display of natural vegetation and wonderful conservation of our city’s history. Spanning across an 8 km loop, this trail is perfect for those seeking out the feel of the forest within our bustling metropolis. Beginning by Yonge and St. Clair St., from Heath St. E, and heading south towards the Bayview Extension, and north towards Moore Avenue, the Rosedale Ravine Trail is a true Toronto treasure. With trees that have survived the urbanization of the city and unspoiled flora that thrives within the ravine, you’ll certainly get your nature (and exercise) fix while hiking this gorgeous trail!

High Park
Toronto’s largest park, spanning North from the Queensway to Bloor St. W and West from Parkside Dr. to Grenadier Pond, is truly a sight to be seen! In fact, you could spend an entire day at High Park and not fully experience all that it has to offer. If you’re looking to skip some stones and feed the ducks, Grenadier Pond provides a scenic backdrop for a blissful hike. Furthermore, blooming as you read this, the High Park Cherry Blossoms are a fantastic display of ornate nature that comes once a year in the early spring and attracts tons of visitors to the park. For parents- the adventure park for children and the High Park Zoo will provide hours of entertainment. And for the parents of friendly furballs, the off-leash dog park will do just the same!

Are you looking for a home located near any of Toronto’s picturesque parks so that you can appreciate all that the city has to offer in the realm of natural landscapes? Contact us today and we can help!