November 3, 2021 | Homeownership

A paint refresh is the easiest way to transform a space without committing to a complete design overhaul. If you’re craving a deeper, more decadent atmosphere, adorning your room with fall hues will create a luxe, seasonal space. Whether you want a deep pecan hue, a rich, burgundy colour, or the gleaming colour of golden hour, a fresh application of paint can bring these hues into your home. The below paint colours are a curated selection to bring cozy fall tones into your own home—and can also make a statement all year round.

  • Benjamin Moore – Bear Creek 1470
    A deep, gray-brown colour, Bear Creek is a rich tone that is a beautiful contrast to creams and creamy whites. In addition, Bear Creek brings in tones of winter woods and adds a layer of coziness to your living areas. This deep tone pairs well with a warm white or cream colour for the trim and ceiling or can be continued on the trim, but a different sheen, like semi-gloss, is recommended for trim.

    Where to Use It: A living room or great room

  • Benjamin Moore – Sequoia 1245
    This reddish-brown colour is both a neutral tone and also brings drama. Sequoia is softer than a burgundy but is deep enough to create a moody space. In addition, Sequoia’s dustiness is neutral enough to pair well with many complementary colours. For a trim pairing, Sequoia looks stunning with an off-white or warm white paint selection.

    Where to Use It: A library or study

  • Benjamin Moore – Metallic Gold 2163-40
    This shimmery, soft brown has pink undertones, which brings a glowing ambiance to any space. Earthy yet elegant, Metallic Gold makes a room look effortless and inviting.

    Where to Use It: A dining room

  • Farrow & Ball – Hague Blue
    This dramatic, intense blue is a timeless colour with green undertones. In addition, Hague Blue’s deep, pigmented hue makes a dark room feel intentionally cozy and moody.

    Where to Use It: A powder bathroom

  • Farrow & Ball – Deep Reddish Brown
    Both luxurious and soothing, Deep Reddish Brown, is a warm tone with chocolatey undertones. Deep, warm and welcoming, Deep Reddish Brown will add richness and drama to walls, doors and trim.

    Where to Use It: A stairway

  • Farrow & Ball – Tanner’s Brown
    This dramatic hue is a strong dark brown that is almost black in low lighting. However, in a well-lit space, it reads as brown. A rich, warm hue, Tanner’s Brown brings drama and warmth to a room.

    Where to Use It: Interior of a fireplace

  • Sherwin Williams – Cotton
    This warm white will make your space feel effortlessly layered and cozy. Its soothing neutral hue makes any room feel relaxed and inviting. It’s the perfect backdrop to layer in neutral or colourful furniture and accessories and to begin your day on a crisp, calm note.

    Where to Use It: A bedroom or great room

Whether you are diving into a remodel or simply want to freshen up your living space with a new coat of paint, we hope this list has sparked some inspiration! If a fresh coat of paint just won’t cut it, and you’re looking for a fresh new space altogether- Our team can help you find that home that’s right for you- contact us today!