September 26, 2017 | Selling

When selling luxury real estate, choosing a listing agent is no easy task. Every agent will tell you that they can sell your property for the highest dollar or offer you the ‘top’ services. So how do you find an agent that you can really trust to sell your largest financial asset?

Understand Your Own Needs and Wants

First, determine what you need and want in an agent, and from your home selling experience. What is your ideal timeline? Will you need staging? What is your post-sale plan? Do you need specialized services?

Choosing the right listing agent is only possible when you know the needs and wants you would like them to meet.

Do Your Research

Sales statistics might be impressive, but they don’t show you the whole picture. Selling luxury real estate is a niche profession that requires the proper certification and experience. Learn more about each of the team members to better understand their unique skillset, personality, and specialization, and see what kind of results they have achieved for past clients.

Analyze Their Strategy

How can you be sure that a team has what it takes? Look at their selling strategy. What do they offer that the competition doesn’t? How will they price your home and find a buyer? Our clients work with us because of our tailored process, knowledge, and boutique approach. We start on back-end research as soon you reach out to us and carry that dedication on throughout the process. With us, you get high-quality results from the get-go.

Look Into Their Marketing

Marketing luxury real estate can’t be properly accomplished by just any agent. Our team includes Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialists (a designation only awarded to those in the top 10% of their market), qualifying us with the proper skills and network to showcase and sell your property with success.

A thorough marketing strategy encompasses a solid understanding of the target market, area, and product while using multi-media tools to reach a higher amount of qualified buyers. A combination of the latest technology, traditional print materials, and proactive door-knocking will provide you with a comprehensive marketing strategy that ensures a successful sale.

Meet with Them in Person

At the end of the day, there is no better way to choose a listing agent than to meet with them one-on-one. With our team, you can schedule a no-obligation appointment to learn more about our approach, team, and dedication to selling your home.

See if we’d be a good professional fit by calling us at 416-487-5131, emailing us at, or booking an appointment here.